Sailing aboard Argia is a Mystical experience

ArgiaOrdinary cares fade away as the  waters of the Mystic River lap against the hull of the Argia, an 81-foot replica of a 19th century schooner.

Argia is back on the water, offering daily cruises of Fishers Island Sound in Connecticut and New York. The ship departs Mystic, Connecticut to coincide with the town’s drawbridge schedule. An adult ticket costs $44 and a child’s costs $35.  Each cruise includes complimentary snacks and soft drinks. You may also bring your own beverage and food – coolers, ice, napkins, and cups are available.

Beginning in July, the priests and brothers at St. Edmund’s on Enders Island offer sunset cruises aboard Argia. Enjoy a boxed supper, followed by evening prayer, then quiet and prayerful meditation on God’s creative majesty in the glory of the sunset. The cruise is open to everyone.

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