The Gnomes are coming to Watch Hill

GnomesGet Gnomed on the village green in Watch Hill R, Tuesday, July 2 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Rick Masimo of The Providence Journal wrote,  I”The Gnomes play traditional music from all over the world, and though they’re acoustic, they play it loud, fast, and with soul. Their live shows are anarchic and energetic… The Gnomes can globetrot through a whole planet’s worth of folk and traditional music in the course of a set, sometimes in the course of a song.”

The Gnomes play an eclectic blend of world folk fusion music — Celtic, Scandinavian, Russian, Eastern European, Caribbean, klezmer, Native American and originals.

The band’s members include some of Rhode Island’s best known musicians: Phil Edmonds (Irish whistle and button accordion); Cathy Clasper-Torch (fiddle, keyboard, er-hu, vocals); Mike Fischman (guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, banjo, vocals); Peter Breen (bass, vocals); and Ron Schmitt (percussion).

Edmonds is also an author. Pip’s Travels, Welcome Home, is a beautiful collection of essays about his adventures, often in the woods of Rhode Island. They are all beautiful, but his recollection of an unplanned day walking in Providence is especially touching.

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