RI Fishing Report


Bass are still biting in the upper reaches of Narragansett Bay and off Block Island.

Surface temperatures on the bay are quite high, but Ken Ferrara of Ray’s Bait & Tackle says that temperatures are much lower in deeper water. As long as stripers have quick access to cooler waters, they will stay where the bait is, says David Henault of Ocean State Tackle. He recommends Rocky Point in Warwick, RI and Fields Point in Providence RI. Jacob Ganhadeiro has been catching stripers at Fields Point with his dad, Jose. “Watch where the ospreys are catching menhaden,” Henault says, “and you’ll find bass.” Ken Ferrara recommends the waters near Gould Island (in the lower bay), Halfway Rock, Beavertail Point, Bonnet Shores, and the rocks on the east side of the Jamestown Bridge.

Scup fishing is excellent in the bay, says Henault. He recommends the Warren River, Colt State Park, Rocky Point, and the rocky shorelines of Newport and Narragansett. Ferrara recommends the waters off Plum Light, Dutch Island and Hope Island. Scup are nailing clams, worms and squid. “With squid, you’ll catch fewer fish, but they tend to be larger,” Henault says.

Bluefish have been biting in the waters near Halfway Rock Rumstick Point, and along the north shore of Greenwich Bay, Ferrara says. Skipjack bluefish are beginning to arrive, says Henault, reminding anglers that the daily limit on bluefish is 15. “A bluefish is a bluefish, whether it’s 4 ounces of 4 feet long,” he says.

Sea bass have been pretty scarce in the bay: Ferrara suggests fishing near Seal Rock and Seal Ledge.


Taryn Leigh Dillon with a nice brace of fluke, one a 7.5-pounder, and the other an 8-pound fish. Watch Hill Outfitters

Taryn Leigh Dillon with a nice brace of fluke, one a 7.5-pounder, and the other an 8-pound fish. Watch Hill Outfitters

Fluke fishing has been very good in fairly shallow water from Old Reef off Weekapaug to Watch Hill Light, says Mike Wade of Watch Hill Outfitters. At Old Reef this week, the fish were concentrated so you would catch, then lose the fish, return and catch again, and then lose them again, he says.

Striper fishing has slowed as water temperatures rise. The early morning bite, has been more active, but the evening bite is important, too, Wade says. Fish deep water, close to shore, he says. Look for steep drop-offs.

Triggerfish have arrived, so bonito should be here soon, Wade says.


Schools of bay anchovies were thick in the waters off Southwest Point this week, and bluefish were all over them, says Mike Wade. There was so much bait that the blues locked on to them and became very selective, refusing anything that didn’t look like an anchovy.


Mako sharks and blue sharks have been biting in the waters near the Mud Hole, according to David Henault.


Fly fishing guide Ed Lombardo reports on fishing yesterday:

“Last night we fished the Narrow River just upstream from Sprague Bridge on an incoming tide. The fishing was good, and we took a nice number of bass–not any size to speak of. The river had the most bait I have seen all year.  An hour and a half later when the tide changed to outgoing the bite stopped. All the warm water coming out from Pettaquamscutt Cove had a great effect on the fish moving out. We should have moved down river toward the mouth. Incoming tide this time of the year is much better at least in that section of the river. Small size flies seem to work better. Two-inch silver and olive colored flies worked well last night.


Ed Lombardo found some great fishing on a week-long holiday. He reports:

“Got up each morning at 5:30 a.m. and was fishing at no later than 6. I fished Morris Island which is at the very tip of the town of Chatham, Mass. You drive on Morris Island Road all the way to the National Wild Life Refuge which is as far as one can drive. Parking is free, and they have the cleannest facilities I have seen. Also available is fresh water to rinse off equipment when done. The walk to the beach is only two to three minutes away and all easy wading. One can start fishing right there in front or move to the right or left on the beach. If you Google this area you will see from a satellite image that the whole beach offers some very nice anatomy, both in the form of tidal movement and just deep holes from time to time. I used my shrimp pattern which has a medium hot pink marabou tail, a body of gold, pink, orange and gray, Aura yarn, and a wing of Silver Polar Flash. You can use other body material that has some of the same colors. I also used a high tie in hot pink as well and got fish to take. A method I like using when fishing water that has a clean sandy bottom is what I call dusting. I allow the fly to reach bottom and drag the fly alone creating sand dust coming off the bottom which draws the fish to the fly. I do believe that fish see this as a natural food item such as shrimp, sand eel, juvenile flat fish, and other organisms creating sand dust. For the four days I fished every morning I landed a good number of fish and lost a bunch as well. I did in fact take four keepers, one fish a 37″ bass! I’m using an Airflow intermediate line called their Sniper Line, It’s a great fly line and I always over load my fly rod at least one or two weights. over what the rod has been designated for. As and example if the rod is an 8-weight, I put a 9- or even a 10-weight line on it. This area is a good bet; if you can take the time to get there, it’s well worth it.” 

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