Citizen scientists follow hummingbirds@home

The National Audubon Society has launched a new phone application to track the health of North America’s hummingbird population. In southern New England, this appears to be a banner year for ruby throated hummingbirds.

Hummingbirds @ Home works with citizen scientists who monitor when birds arrive and depart, what nectar sources they’re using (including feeders), unusual species for a particular area, and more.

Once you register, you identify a patch, such as a perennial garden, patio or window box, and keep track or what the birds are doing. It only takes a minute or so. Your observations join thousands of others so scientists can monitor the birds’ well-being.

In southern Rhode Island this summer, we are seeing more hummingbirds at the feeder and in the bee balm than ever before.

2 thoughts on “Citizen scientists follow hummingbirds@home

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