Birthday Blues–How To Clean Blue Crabs

Doing Manly Things (Mostly)



“Hey Oliver, think we ought to catch a few crabs for your birthday again?”

“Are you kidding me?  Of course!”

“OK, Keegan you in?”


And just like that, we found ourselves in the bright sun, slathered in suntan lotion and OFF.  It wasn’t long and we had a cooler full of crab.

Crabs on ice


With all due respect to my Cajun friends and Andrew Zimmern, I don’t like crab guts.  My first experience with blue crabs disappointed me greatly.   The whole crabs were boiled, and when the shell was removed yellow grey internal matter coated the crabs sweet white meat.  The flavor tasted overwhelmingly like cut bait, and I don’t have a delicate pallet. So if you aren’t familiar with crabs, and want the authentic Louisiana crab taste, just wash and cook them.   But here’s an alternative leaving you with just yummy white crab meat.


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