Planting Your Fall and Winter Garden … Do It Now!

These suggestions work in southern New England, as well as in the north with hoop tunnels.

Town & Country Gardening

Don’t wait on me! Plant your Fall and winter garden NOW!

It’s not too late to plant your Fall and Winter garden. Many garden crops can still be directly seeded in your garden. Others will need some protection from freezing temperatures, winter winds, ice and snow.

Winter protection can be provided by green houses, hot beds, cold frames or you can grow many cold weather crops in doors as potted plants.

Herbs are a good choice for indoor potted plants.

Peppers are Perennials. That special pepper plant can be dug, potted and over wintered indoors.

Suggested Fall and Winter plated garden crops.
Chicory as a potted indoor crop
Endive as a potted indoor crop
Mustard greens
Turnip greens
Are all good choices for Fall and Winter garden crops.

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