Get loose, winter is coming!

Yoga practice benefits all ages.


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About a month ago I began practicing yoga regularly, and with winter right around the corner, I can’t think of a better way to get ready for the upcoming season.

Add yoga to your daily routine: Here’s why.

Bend not break.

I was at one of my first classes when I realized how stiff my muscles were. Practicing yoga teaches you to stretch your body in new ways. The simple touch your toes, reach for the sky stretches you’ve done before riding will not cut it forever. Yoga teaches you to stretch in ways that benefit your entire body, not just the same muscles. You’ll end up discovering that when you eat it at the mountain, you’ll be more inclined to bend, not break.

It’s relaxing.

Work, school, life, it can be chaotic. Many people don’t realize that yoga is not just a physical workout; it benefits your mind too!…

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