Herbs And Spices For Your Health

A really thorough. yet concise, summary of medicinal herbs and spices.

Town & Country Gardening

anise seedsAnise seeds provide a sweet taste similar to that of black licorice when used in foods. They can calm an upset stomach and help with coughs and runny noses. Thanks to presumed estrogen-like properties, anise may increase milk flow in breastfeeding mothers, treat menstrual symptoms and boost libido, according to WebMD.
Anise seeds are also a good source of fiber and calcium, among other nutrients, and a very good source of iron, with 2.4 milligrams in just one tablespoon.

Burdock It’s possible to cook and eat the root of this plant as food, but, along with its leaves and seeds, it’s also used in supplement form, mainly to fight bacteria and inflammation and to “detox” the body.

Calendula The petals of this flowering plant (a relative of the garden-variety marigold) are full of the plant-based antioxidants known as flavonoids, which fight germs and inflammation, according to the University of Maryland…

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