Wildlife Conservation And Management – Are You Doing Your Part ?

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wild turkeyMany people think hunting and hunters are bad words. But the truth be known all wild game and birds greatly benefit from money paid by hunters in licenses, permits and hunting lease fees that are reinvested in managing and conserving Americas wildlife. Without hunters many species will soon over populate an area. Causing severe damage to wildlife habitat and the animals themselves.

Over the next 5 months hunters will harvest migratory birds, Dove, ducks and geese. Small game animals, rabbits, squirrel, native game birds, quail, turkey, pheasant as well as larger game, deer, elk and moose.

pheasantFarmers and ranchers know that to have a healthy diverse wildlife population they must sacrifice a small part of their farm and ranch land (usually 20 to 50 feet wide)to planting, growing and managing plants that benefit wildlife by providing a food source and cover from predators. Small catch ponds are dug to…

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