Mass. legislature mulls endangered species repeal

Lesser snakeroot/

Lesser snakeroot

The New England Wild Flower Society has issued a legislation alert for Massachusetts conservationists.

Next Monday, Nov. 4, the the legislature’s Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture will hold a hearing that includes two bills that would result in a repeal of endangered species protections in the Commonwealth.

“Environmental groups and the business community alike have supported the standards the program currently uses to protect endangered species,” the group said in a statement. “The effort to gut endangered species protections is coming from a limited, but very vocal, few.

“We urge you to contact Chairman Pacheco and Chairwoman Gobi today – by phone, email, or mail – to ask them to protect endangered species and halt Senate Bill 345 and Senate Bill 411. In addition, you can let your own representative and senator know where you stand, and ask them to speak to the Chairs as well.

“Please alsoexpress your support for An Act Relative to the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act, H.756. We support this consensus bill, which would improve the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act rather than repeal it.”

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