Back to The River with Lily & Madeleine

Sunday’s New York Times was loaded with good stuff about new music, including a short piece in the Style section about sisters Lily & Madeleine. Here they are singing their original piece “Back to The River.”

And no, this is not a turning into a blog about music — just music to be shared.


Tinny? Yowly? Scratchy?

Valerie June‘s voice is “strange,” wrote Edith Zimmerman in The New York Times Magazine yesterday. “It’s tinny but also yowly and scratchy. like Dolly Parton meets Nina Simone meets some kind of singing cat,” Zimmerman said. “She sometimes sings out of the side of her mouth in a warped ‘O,’ eyes closed.”

Here’s “You Can’t Be Told,” a new piece by the singer-song writer.

What do you think?